Seohyun on Dangerous Boys Premiere

The long awaited first episode of Dangerous Boys has finally aired and you better believe that our virtuous Hyunnie meant business. Watch with caution lest those unrelenting stares make your heart stop. 

Part 1 of Dangerous Boys (Eng Subbed)


My thoughts on Episode 1

I think the series has a lot of potential. Some of the “dangerous” behavior was comical to me, since I went to school with kids who did the same or much worse. Heck, I’ve even done some of it myself and I was considered to be a good student. Still, some of the boys seemed especially lost, perhaps due to their family situations. I was definitely one of those that laughed off the fact that SNSD would be mentoring troubled boys, but perhaps I could have been wrong. I’m not going to say that they are qualified to be the boys’ therapists, but maybe as friends and rolemodels they would be sufficient. Remember, the girls may be famous now, but have had their share of struggles and have worked their butts off as youths to get to where they are now. It could serve as inspiration. And not all of the girls come from perfect families, either.

About Seohyun in particular, the SONE community has not been able to get over those intense stare downs. While the rest of the girls giggled throughout the innocent high school shenanigans, Seohyun would not back down. She seemed concerned throughout and could not contain her anger even bursting out “This is a high school student?” during the first segment. When SeoTae had a one-on-one meeting with their boy, it was no different. It’s going to be interesting to see how she clashes with these boys who seem to have absolutely nothing in common with her. I see someone like Hyoyeon, with her playfulness and choding sense of humor, being able to relate to the boys much easier. But it is still admirable to see how much Seo has invested herself emotionally before even knowing anything about the boys. Can’t wait to see the next episode!

BONUS: Unaired Cuts of SeoTae (Unsubbed)


  • S-Caps – norio-taetae, Seohyunista
  • Gifs – Rapunsoo, jinuah
  • Uploader & Subs – DulceCaramelful
  • Uploader of Bonus Cuts – TheSoneSource029

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