[OPINION] Should fashion choices really be all that important to fans of Seohyun?

As much as fans of Seohyun boast about the fact that they are willing to accept flaws and quirks, certain recent incidents have led me to believe that Seomates may be the most fickle fans in the SNSD fandom. Her every decision is closely monitored by us and it seems as if our own integrity is on the line if she decides to go with something out of the norm. Why is this?

If you are a SONE, you know that Seo Joo Hyun is known as being a perfectionist. She is often teased by her unnies for being the one reciting lines over and over by herself to make sure everything goes smoothly. She hates being late and fines her unnies 1000 won for every minute they delay the group. As her fans, we have come to expect only the best from Seo Joo Hyun as a performer and at anything else she does.

Seohyun is also known for following a strict moral code that she has set for herself. She’s extremely polite and respectful to those around her. She’s not interested in dating like most girls her age. She is committed to her school work and believes that you can get as far as anyone else as long as you put in the work. And she cannot tell a lie. Most interestingly, she has been known to wear outfits that cover more of her body during her free time and she has trouble doing the whole “oppa saranghae” aegyo thing. And we love and respect her for all of the above.

We admire Seohyun for being in control and knowing what she wants, but why do we as fans want to police all of her fashion decisions? There have been two recent incidents where Seohyun has been criticized for both covering up and exposing herself. What a contradiction, eh? The first being at the Coway concert where she decided to cover up a tiny, triangular patch of skin and was called a hypocrite. The second being the recent MAMA dress controversy where fans used words such as “gross” and “overexposed” to describe her.

2011 Coway Concert

I’m sorry but the feminist in me that tries to hide herself around K-Pop fans is GOING to come out. I find it ironic that while fans admire Seohyun for choosing her career over love would then criticize her for wearing what she wants to wear. Seohyun is a very independent-minded person, which is what I admire her for the most. I find concepts such as “Kissing You” and “Oh!”, where she might have been more covered up clothing wise, to be much more offensive than anything she has chosen to wear recently. I certainly agree that a woman does not need to be defined by what she wears and that showing more skin doesn’t necessarily have to be a part of growing up. But making your own decisions as a woman IS a part of growing up.

Again, naysayers may bring up the fact that most of her choices are made by stylists. Can we all agree as fans that Seohyun TRUSTS these people to do their job, but will NOT wear something that she herself did not think was right for her at the time? If you have been a fan of Seohyun for any amount of time, that’s something you should have realized. She has to be a professional, but still knows what is right for her. I’m pretty sure Seohyun knows more about what is good for Seohyun than we do.

One more point I’d like to make may make me seem ethnocentric, but I find it almost humorous how a few inches of skin in a different spot makes such a huge difference to some international fans. I wonder if they really do hold Seohyun to a different standard or if it’s just cultural differences. I am not targeting any other women when I say this, but it’s not as if she walked down the red carpet in a leather bikini. It was cleavage, people! It’s been around for centuries! What are you scared of? I personally am not a fan of a woman’s parts being shoved together but that’s really not what people’s issues are. It’s more about a woman’s body being shown. As if it’s something evil that needs to be covered up. Such a patriarchial society we live in!

I have nothing against criticizing fashion. That’s what it’s there for. To interpret, to love, to hate. But at the end of the day, the outfit shouldn’t make you doubt the integrity of the person wearing it. Or shouldn’t make you question yours for admiring said person. If it does, you should really question why you became a fan in the first place. Did you really think that Seohyun was this super human being or saint that is incapable of making mistakes? Seohyun is an entertainer but most importantly a person. Please don’t set all of your unattainable expectations on this girl.


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  1. agree!! kodus to you!!!

  2. yeah !!! you’re rite…

  3. i agree with my whole heart. thank you^.^ we love her just the way she is….

  4. I agree, she’s an adult person, she knows what she’s wearing. I love most of her outfits but some fans just want her dresses like a doll or a cute teenager

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