Seohyun @ 2011 Asia Song Festival 10/15/11

This weekend the girls of SNSD performed at the 2011 Asia Song festival. Luckily for us, the Seople people were out capturing all kinds of Seobaby goodness.

Picspam, fancams and an awkward SeoHae moment under the cut


RDR Fancam (Seohyun Focused)

At one point, both Super Junior and SNSD are on stage together and the theme song for the Asia Song Festival is played. Who was it that sang that song again? Oh yes… Seohyun and Donghae. The two are awkwardly pushed together on stage (which our choding Hyoyeon seemed to have a hand in) and neither really knows what to do. It’s an epic SeoAwkward moment.

Captured on film:


  • HQ Photos – Seople
  • Fancams – iHope9

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