Seohyun & Kim Hyun Joong’s Face Shop CF

Seohyun’s highly anticipated CF with Kim Hyun Joong has finally been released. Now isn’t that something you can just watch over and over again.

Update: HQ Video, S-Caps

I’ll start out with a given. That voice is  heavenly. There is nothing else I can say about that voice. I think Seohyun sounds lovely with just about anyone, male or female, but that’s her specialty. I am also blown away by how professional the both of them are. KHJ did reveal that there was plenty of awkwardness on set and they are both known as introverts, but they did a great job conveying that romantic feel. That is… in their solo shots. I will admit to cringing a bit after their hands almost touched and they had to give eachother that longing gaze. It wasn’t a very HQ clip, but it felt awkward just by looking at their faces. Again, this could be because I already knew it had been awkward in RL, so I may be a bit biased.

Promotional Poster for The Face Shop:

Some S-Caps



  • CF Uploader : SONEhd
  • Poster: SSF
  • S-Caps: SoshiSone Tumblr

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