Seohyun is Bringing the Boys Back: New SNSD Teasers

Not one… but TWO teasers! In TWO different languages!! SONEs rejoice!! Take a closer look at our maknae as she continues to prove she is a baby no longer.

English Version & individual shots under the cut

Keep calm. Woooo. Breathe…. ok not possible!!

English Teaser:

First Impression: Sexy & Swagalicious. Yup I used the word swagalicious and I’m not ashamed! This is what I loved about Run Devil Run and it’s what drew me in to begin with. There are lots of SONEs mourning the cutesy outfits and mannerisms but let me tell you, I am not one of them. I always knew this style suited the girls best and they are ROCKING it. I noticed some Super Junior-like sound effects towards the beginning. Weird and inappropriate. They did the same thing to SuJu’s Mr. Simple but ah small gripe! I love the choreography so far. And there’s a bit of an accent to their English, but I find it adorable.

Aww look at our sweet maknae! So sweet and gorgeous in purple. Kyeoooptaaaaa…


Where’s Seobaby??? Who is this?? And how is she so sexy??

I don’t know about all the Seohyun biased fans out there, but I am in lala land. What concept CAN’T she pull off?? You’d think the sexy moves would look a bit awkward considering the type of personality she has, but looks like she has something deep inside we’ve been overlooking.

Go, Seobaby, go!!

Update: Adorable Illustration by maknaeheart @ Tumblr


  • Teasers: SMENT youtube Channel
  • Individual Shot: Kunmew @ Tumblr
  • Gifs: Taengooyah & Seoooify @ Tumblr

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