Classic Cut: Seohyun on Strong Heart 12/09/09

Bringing it back! In this episode of Strong Heart, find out why our kid leader considers the maknae a “frustrating fellow” and why Seung Gi recommends her to the National Tax Service.

Since the maknae doesn’t get all that much coverage during television appearances, some of her best moments are easily overlooked. I decided to start compiling classic clips for new Seomates to learn more about her and experienced Seomates who just want to relive her greatest moments.

This clip is memorable since we learn just how strict the maknae is with her finances and unnies alike. How crazy is it that she remembers exactly how much Yuri owes her from middle school, down to 10’s of wons! Amazing! As annoying as some of her habits may seem, I think the girls are lucky to have her. Who else would be there to deal with the monstrous task of waking the Ice Princess from her deep slumber?


  • Original Video & Subs: SoshiSubs
  • Uploader & Editor: lvsanchez115

About L

Interested in Japanese language and culture, J-Pop, K-Pop and Asian Dramas.

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