Seohyun & Donghae for UNICEF

Seohyun was chosen along with Donghae of Super Junior as envoys for UNICEF. They are releasing a track that will be the theme song for the 2011 Asia Song Festival. ALL PROCEEDS from the song will go to  less fortunate children in impoverished countries. This just SCREAMS Seohyun!

Full Audio, Pictures & more under the cut!

Full Audio of Seohyun & Donghae’s Duet

Memorable Press Conference Quote

K-pop is spreading around the world as the heart of the Hallyu wave. Keeping in mind that I was appointed not for myself, but to represent all singers, I will work hard to promote [the cause]

Press Conference Photos

From Seohyuna (Click for Bigger Size)



My Thoughts

Seohyun looks genuinely enthusiastic in these pictures and it was no surprise that she was chosen to sing the song and represent such a noble cause. It’s good to see her doing what she loves most… giving back. Although the song is not exactly my cup of tea, I appreciate the fact that it is a well written song that will be able to reach many demographics, which is most important. Her voice sounds lovely as always and she harmonizes well with SuJu’s Donghae.

And now on to the superficial…. is that a darker shade of hair I see? I know many SONEs were loving the lighter shade and some even speculating she would go blonde (oh goodness no), but looks like they’ve toned it back down. I think it looks very sophisticated along with that outfit she’s got on. Audrey Hyun that is. I wonder how many SeoHae shippers will come out of this. Better watch out Kyu… you’re not the only member of SuJu singing with our baby anymore!



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  1. I also like seohae!

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