Seohyun as Royalty: New “The Boys” Teaser

A new teaser for the highly anticipated 3rd SNSD album was released just yesterday! This time around, the theme seems a little closer to Taeyeon’s concept photo… very regal and elegant. All 9 women look absolutely stunning with their grand ball gowns, beautifully done hair/makeup, and a few donning sparkling tiaras.

Let’s take a closer look at our darling maknae, shall we?

No crown for Seobaby, but still a simple and elegant updo. If anyone can pull the look off, it is the maknae for sure. We aren’t able to see the bottom of the dress, but the top seems unique all on its own. The jeweled collar is separated then connects to the rest of the gown by one thick strip of fabric. All the dresses are magnificent, but I am impressed by the design of the dress. The rest of the dresses have a different focal point obviously, so I think they chose a design to help Seohyun’s stand out regardless of her position in the photo. 

And now for a not so thorough analysis of the teaser photo…

kdjfoijeojiraoefoijeoa omg Seobaby so perfect ahhh all 9 are queens!!! I just can’t!!! Such beauty!!! How is it even possible?!!!!! dkfdafdaf

Ahem… I mean yes… it’s a nice picture.


There are also a few photos floating around of the actual packaging.

Are those all postcards of the solo concept photos I see there??? Please lord let it be true! Ice Queen Seolady WILL be framed if I get my hands on one of those!!

Hehe Happy Spazzing, SONEs. We won’t have to wait much longer.


  • HQ Concept Photo: SM Ent
  • Packaging: Uploaded by Imperfectionx-3 @ Soshified

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