Becoming a Seomate

Wow first post! I had been wanting to start a SoShi blog for quite some time now, but instead spent so much time procrastinating. I didn’t know where to start or what I wanted to cover. There are so many great blogs and websites out there that cover SNSD news, lyrics, even fashion. But after doing some quick google searches, I realized there was something missing. I decided to fill the niche desperately needed in the Soshi blog world. What is that you ask? Why…. a blog dedicated to our favorite maknae of course. So I figure the most appropriate way to begin is by telling you all about the journey that eventually brought me to this amazing individual. What a journey it’s been!

This story begins back in the summer of 2010… mid-summer perhaps. I was obsessed with YouTube makeup gurus at the time and one of those was named “bubzbeauty”… a cute and bubbly Irish-Chinese girl who happened to be a huge K-Pop fan. One day when checking my subscriptions, I stumbled upon the following make-up tutorial:

Run Devil What?? I had to check it out for myself. I remember liking the song better than other K-Pop songs I had tried to get into before. I liked their voices, their style, the dancing and the fierce, edgy look. Not only were they sexy, but in an understated way. The girls that IMMEDIATELY caught my eye were Hyoyeon, Yuri aaand you guessed it… Seohyun. I decided to search a few more videos to see what else they had to offer, but was turned off by the cutesy music and mannerisms. Where had the strong women I had just seen in Run Devil Run gone?

Fast forward a few months …. I began to take a liking to SNSD’s bubbly songs, but not to the girls. The songs were a form of crack and the more I tried not to like them, the quicker they stuck. I hated their image. I started focusing my attention on boy bands and other “cooler” girl groups. And then it happened… for some crazy reason I decided I wanted to start watching “We Got Married”.

I loved this girl from the moment she pulled out a self-help book from her blue knapsack. She had a lot of qualities that reminded me of myself when I was younger and yet so many more qualities that I wished to possess. Her every word was well thought out, her every expression absolutely adorable. Had I judged the girls of SNSD too soon? If Seohyun was this sweet and down to earth, I could just imagine how the others were. If it weren’t for Seohyun, I probably would have never become a SONE. Being a SONE has been something so wonderful and fulfilling and I’ve gotten to know many great people as a result.

Seohyun is someone unique and special. I admire her and can only strive to become someone half as amazing as she is. She inspires so many people and deserves all the love that she gets. She’s not perfect. She’s the girl next door. Shy and awkward, a bit nerdy, mature for her age yet naive at the same time. All these qualities just make her more loveable in my eyes.

Seohyun thank you for everything you’ve done for your fans around the world. This blog is for you and it’s the least I can do to repay you.


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